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Fate of Wolves

Andraga Design is a creative company composed of two branches of art and design.

  • Freelance illustrations and graphic design
    • posters / stickers / event promo materials
    • books / covers / maps
  • Independant product creation, design, and illustrations
    • prints / posters
    • greeting cards / stickers
    • games
    • apparel / household art / lifestyle products

We aim to satisfy clients and customers by utilizing a thorough research and design process: collaborate and listen, research and refine, ideate and prototype, test and finalize.


Our digital paitings are created using photography, physical paint and digital tools. Through a unique process we find ways to enhance and feature various elements, ideas, and feelings within an image. 

The texture from natural sources is something we love to highlight in our imagery. We take photos of natural objects like upturned roots, bark, and rocks because the patterns and light add unique qualities to our digital paintings. We also create acrylic and ink 'swatches' on canvas and paper to add a painterly feeling to our pieces.

We then use these textures and swatches to accentuate an illustration created with Photohsop and Illustrator using a digital pen display. Using these digital and natural assets we can create something unique and beautiful. 

Our Process