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Here at Andraga Design we are always creating new and exciting content. However, we also offer a variety of commission based services. You can commission us to create your own unique custom illustrations like maps, book covers, children’s books and colouring pages all the way to professional logos or promotional materials for your business.

Fate of Wolves


Illustrations are so much more than pretty pictures and we aim to create illustrations that convey character, emotion, and meaning. Whether you’re looking for a simple line drawing or detailed custom artwork, we’ll collaborate with you to fully realize your vision.


Logos are synonymous with your business and having something that represents that is paramount. Using our thorough design process we will help create a clean, focused logo that can help represent your business to the public.

Fate of Wolves


Fate of Wolves
Fate of Wolves

Pricing for illustrations and logo designs have a base rate that can be affected by many factors. Depending on the number of revisions required, expedited timing or overall details, some illustrations and logos may exceed these base costs. After initial sketch phase is complete a deposit of half (50%) of the base rate is required. Upon completion of the project, the other half (50%) shall be paid before delivery of final project files.


Fate of Wolves

Project workflow will help pace the project in a timely manner and depending on the length of the project will vary with each unique commission. Because the needs of each project will be so varied, projects can take anywhere from one week for simple line art all the way up to complex jobs that can take up to eight weeks.

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